Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

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B.A. First Semester ………………………………………. 10+2 (Any Stream)

Choices of Subjects :-

B.A. First Semester

a) Compulsory Subjects :

  1. General English (ENG)

  2. General Punjabi (PBC)/History & Culture of Punjab (HCP)

  3. Environment Studies and Road Safety Education (ENV)

b) Optional Subjects : Students of B.A. studies three optional/Elective Subjects choosing one from the following sets of subjects :

  1. English (ENO), Punjabi (PBI), Hindi (HIN)

  2. Economics (ECO), Fine Arts (ART)

  3. History (HIS), Music Instrumental (MUI), Maths (MAT)

  4. Home Sciences (HMS), Philosophy (PHI), Music Vocal (MUV), Sociology (SOC), Maths (MAT)

  5. Physical Education (PED)-60 Seats, Sanskrit (SKT), Political Science (POL), Computer Science (CSC), Functional English (FEN), Geography (GEO)

B.A. 2nd to 6th Semester : A student studies the same subjects as opted in First semester except Environment Studies.

B.A (Honours) : English, Punjabi, Hindi, Economics, Political Science

Note: The number of seats can be decreased/increases according to the non availability of subject, staff and space as per University Rules.

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